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BIM services


The use of 3D software has transformed manufacturing over the last 30 years, allowing more complex products to be designed and made faster than ever before. BIM is a new process and methodology by which a team of architects, engineers and contractors collaborate on the design and construction of different types of objects using the same database and computer modes


Having adequate and up-to-date 2D designs is a key starting point for all major projects. Since point clouds offer absolutely all information about the appearance of an existing object, it is possible to display all the features, depending on the level of detail. Also, it is possible to realize different projects for the reconstruction and restoration of many buildings based on such plans.


The construction industry is facing a revolution in changing the methodology of work, access to design, keeping design documentation, and the geodetic profession has evolved into an indispensable partner in the field following the changes in the market, adapting constructed buildings to the modern design method - BIM.

Scan to TOPO

The product obtained by the laser scanning method - the point cloud - is a large set of 3D point coordinates, and information that is suitable for further use must be extracted from the beam of points. Once captured, the cloud gives us a wealth of information in the field and can be used in many cases without re-entering the field - a virtual survey, and the same point cloud can be used to draw transverse and longitudinal profiles, a digital terrain model, and to interpret topography.

Point cloud registration

Our team uses leading point cloud processing and analysis software and performs registration, post-processing and data analysis services based on all raw point cloud formats. If you have raw laser scan data (or other point cloud capture methods) in any format, our team is ready to deliver a registered and indexed point cloud, in a format suitable for further processing (.rcs, .pts, .e57)


CAFM software (Computer Assisted Facility Management) helps facility managers plan, perform, and oversee all activities in the context of location management, relocation of employees or departments, stock management, and many other job related activities.

Surveying services

Laser scanning

3D laser scanning is a fast and efficient way to collect spatial data, and has proven to be the most efficient way to capture current state. Geobiro Ltd. is one of the leaders in the laser scanning industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the only team specializing in the overall process of "SCAN2BIM"

Engineering geodesy

Geodetic support is of utmost importance in the design and execution of construction works. Surveying experts make the bases for the design, execute the projected structures, supervise the implementation of construction through measuring the dimensions of buildings, control the dimensions of the building after completion of construction, and carry out the measurement of deformations and displacements of already constructed buildings.


Various influences on the built facilities cause their relative displacements in space (most often subsidence). Planning and systematic monitoring of construction is required in order to determine these moves, as part of which we design a geodetic base project from which we notice moves and changes.

About us

The idea of ​​GEOBIRO, headquartered in Konjic at Pleha 2A, has existed and has been in operation since 1991. The main activity of the company includes all activities in the field of geodetic services, and we especially emphasize the services of geodetic engineering for the needs of design and execution of works.

In addition to the conditions that we have fulfilled for the needs of the Certificate for geodetic works performed by independent geodetic entrepreneurs issued by the Federal Geodetic Department, we have the appropriate technical means and equipment to perform geodetic work.

For all the above equipment we have valid certificates issued by the competent institutions, which guarantee the correctness of the surveying equipment.

Proffesional approach

Thanks to our striving for top quality, many years of experience and constant monitoring of market needs, over the years we have developed into a reputable company whose name becomes a confirmation and guarantee of quality.

Team of experts

Our company employs 40+ qualified geodetic, construction, mechanical and architectural experts

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Dun & Bradstreet Gold Certificate of Solvency Excellence for 2021
BISNODE Silver Certificate of Solvency Excellence for 2020
BISNODE Certificate of Solvency Excellence for 2019


License for geodetic works performed by independent geodetic entrepreneurs
License for surveying and basic geodetic works
License for performing mining and geodetic measurements in tunnelling and mining - geodetic measurements in the field of exploration of metallic and non-metallic mineral resources on the surface


Founding of GEOBIRO Company in 1991
Re-registration of GEOBIRO Company in independent craft shop in 1996
Re-registration of GEOBIRO in limited liability Company in 2005

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